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Vivian Outlaw loves pushing paint around on canvas, and using all the colors. Using expressionistic lines and color, she captures the emotional and psychological uniqueness of her sitters. Anyone makes a great painting! Family and friends and neighbors and pets and strangers, grandchildren of strangers and their spouses and their pets, babies and their parents, mothers-in laws, grown children, newly married couples and single people of all ages.  She has painted people as young as 28 days old to well into their eighties and doesn't want to stop there.  Wear whatever you like, sit wherever you like, her process is as easy for you as scheduling a session and her taking some photographs. It can be as casual or formal as you are. A painting captures much more than a photograph can and Vivian celebrates whatever you want to show of yourself. Commision a portrait now to capture whatever moment in time this is for you, and it will be treasured for generations.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Vivian studied painting in the southwest USA and the south of France before moving to NYC in 1999. She received an MFA from The Pratt Institute in 2002, and has been painting people ever since. Vivian moved her family from Brooklyn to wonderful West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, during of the pandemic of 2020 and they couldn't be happier to stay. 

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